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New Modern Ketubah Designs for Modern Jewish Wedding Contracts/

New Modern Ketubah Designs for Modern Jewish Wedding Contracts

Multi-Color Modern Ketubah

One of the most significant considerations made by Jewish and interfaith couples is the creation of their Ketubah, the traditional, religious covenant and binding civil contract that certifies a Jewish marriage has taken place. Today’s papercut Ketubah is developed with modern designs and artistic flair. It reflects the couple’s commitment through art rather than being solely a statement of traditional Jewish values and principles.

Venetian Lace - Modern Ketubah

Venetian Lace

The history goes back to Talmudic times as a rabbinic institution聽and remains a cornerstone of the Jewish wedding tradition. Earlier, Ketubahs once outlined the ceremony date, the couple’s names, financial clauses protecting the wife in the case of divorce or widowhood, and the groom’s obligations, including conjugal rights of food, clothing, and shelter. The signing of the Ketubah by the bridal pair acknowledges their new role as man and wife. It is signed twice before their chosen two witnesses after the couple has completed the Sheva Brachot – seven blessings, or Jewish articles of agreement.

For some modern couples, the Ketubah is a way to express their current views while adhering to Jewish wedding tradition, and they may decide to make their own Ketubah.

Creating Your Ketubah

Jewish and interfaith couples are free to design and create their personal Ketubah, though many prefer to leave the detailed artwork and unique nuances to professional artisans. Some like their Ketubah as a simple document that recognizes the wedding date, names, and signatures. Others look upon their Jewish wedding contract as a lifelong reminder of their special day, a permanent representation of their love through intricate design and artwork.

The papercut Ketubah, as a traditional and modern Jewish marriage contract, recognizes no barriers to social status or physical location and is first presented during the Jewish wedding ceremony, read by the Rabbi to the attendees. Signed by two witnesses, today’s couples and the attending Rabbi will also sign the document. After the celebration, it is usually framed and hung with honor as a keepsake within the couple’s household and cherished throughout their marriage.

There are numerous custom ketubahs available online, and most are professionally developed by an artisan like聽world-renowned Israeli artist Danny Azoulay. Costs vary depending on the intricacy and components used. Before deciding to make your own, it is worthwhile to consult with an artist that reflects your vision to compare cost and time versus result.

Jerusalem Vinyards - Creating Your Modern Ketubah

Jerusalem Vinyards

Modern Ketubah Designs

Modern Ketubahs feature Hebrew and Aramaic text and include the translated words in language familiar to the couple. Included may be other special elements like anecdotes, poetry, photos, and anything that the couple feels is meaningful to the story of their love and relationship and reflects the integral beauty and richness of Jewish culture in all its facets.

Contemporary ketubahs, like their traditional counterparts, are handwritten using custom colors, high-quality inks, and parchment papers to suit the style and taste of the groom and bride. Their designs can be sophisticated, minimalist, and display elegant simplicity. Others prefer the use of bolder colors represented in floral designs, landscapes, and animals to represent their ideology.

Decorative papercut ketubahs are a feat of exceptional artistic talent and meticulous attention to detail. These ketubahs are genuinely perfect in their execution when handled by a master like Danny Azoulay. He provides custom, hand-painted ketubot that are perfect for creating a lasting and meaningful statement to marriage.

Finding the Perfect Modern Ketubah

The internet is one place of many to start researching ketubah styles, and it can become overwhelming. Many modern pre-designed types are available to purchase online and through Jewish retailers that will fit most budgets. Discuss your ideas with your intended and have your Rabbi confirm proper text. Use your imaginations to develop a working image of your vision. Artisans from around the world are available to work with you. They can suggest additions to your design and incorporate a variety of materials to protect and display your Ketubah.

Visionary Artist Danny Azoulay

Danny Azoulay is an internationally acclaimed and respected Jerusalem-based artist聽who creates modern papercut ketubahs with a traditional flair. Holding a master’s degree in design, Danny is a聽Bezalel graduate聽and Rosenthal prize winner. His beautiful custom artwork is inspired by blending various elements, balancing the past and present, in cultures from East to West, and all rooted in Jewish traditions, symbolism, and folklore.

Danny’s process begins with the belief in fresh ideas and the conviction that marriage is among the momentous events in life. His aesthetic vision is constantly re-inspired through the design and creation of personalized ketubahs, allowing him to explore, recreate and renew continually. His artwork is represented through the process of giclee, and his paper cutting on the highest quality acid-free paper is hand-embellished with twenty-four karat gold leaf.聽Danny Azoulay ketubahs are all signed, dated, and numbered by the artist as a limited edition.

Modern Styles Available at

There are numerous Azoulay papercut ketubah styles, including聽Traditional, Contemporary, Shades of Blue, and Pastels. Each is embellished by his beautiful and intricate paper cutting techniques, with underlays that stand out and enhance the richness of his trademark artwork. Ketubah shapes include round, square, and rectangular, and each bears the聽text chosen by the couple incorporating Jewish tradition.

Couples are turning to more modern Ketubah designs that display their taste and style, engaging artisans to create their vision using the latest technology, colors, and techniques. Many look to internationally respected artist Danny Azoulay to make their modern Ketubah, whose work includes some of the most detailed, intricate, and colorful designs found anywhere.