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Modern Jewish Wedding/

Modern Jewish Wedding

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So, you’re getting married and you want a Jewish wedding but would prefer it with an updated twist, shake things up a bit, and give yourself a modern Jewish wedding. What makes a modern Jewish wedding? Well, an Orthodox Jewish wedding is based on traditions, rituals and observances that have lasted over two millennia…so, really any tweak, personal twist or modification you choose to make, will certainly turn a traditional Jewish wedding into a modern Jewish wedding. Keeping it simple and straight forward, two traditions many couples choose to alter for the sake of modernizing their wedding are, the chuppah and the ketubah.

The Chuppah

It’s interesting to note, that despite being one of today’s most iconic features of a Jewish wedding the chuppah’s description has shifted from a veil, a room, a cloth spread over the couple’s shoulders, to what only came about in the 16th Century and we know today. Consequently, there aren’t’ any rules when it comes to the chuppah. The cloth stretched out amongst four poles that we’re used to now is an easy and great place to start and get a modern Jewish wedding. It can be free-standing or held up by family and honored guests, simply or elaborately decorated, it’s completely up to the couple.

The Ketubah

Another excellent example of where you can make a few updates and changes giving yours a more modern Jewish wedding feel is with the ketubah. Whether you’re considering changing the language of the ketubah text from the traditional Aramaic, to English (or other common language spoken by the couple), or creating a more personal text to suit your values and ideas of marriage it’s really up to the couple. On top of having a lot of wiggle room in the text department, the artwork surrounding the ketubah text of the modern Jewish wedding can certainly be as modern as the couple desires. 

If you’re looking for a phenomenal artist to help you create a ketubah for your modern Jewish wedding, then you’ve come to the right place. Just visit the Text page and you’ll find options for Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Sephardic, Modern-Egalitarian, interfaith, Secular-Humanist, Spiritual, same-sex and even anniversary text. Not only that, but Azoulay is a master artist with the gift to help you design a beautiful, updated, ketubah for your modern Jewish wedding.