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Judaica Wedding Gifts

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Like many a wedding, the bride and groom are often inundated with an abundance of gifts, some more practical than others, and frequently consist simply and easily of money towards the couples new life together. If you’re on the fence, as to whether you would like to give a monetary gift or something that the couple can treasure and remember for years to come, read on. Here are a few ideas of the non-monetary sort of Judaica wedding gift, that can add to the Jewish feeling of the bride and groom’s future home.

Shabbat, is a staple in the Jewish home, regardless of whether it will be an Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or other type of Jewish wedding. There are varying degrees of Shabbat observance, however, when it comes to Judaica wedding gifts the options remain consistent and can include a challah cover or board, Havdalah candle, a beautifully inlaid bread knife to the more familial gifts of either candle holders or a kiddush cup. Keep in mind, the last two are more personal, and usually, come from family.

Depending on the time of year, you may want to consider some other potential Judaica wedding gifts for the Jewish holidays. You can, for example, buy a seder plate if Passover is nearing. A honey dish for Rosh Hashana is always sweet, and a beautiful Chanukkia will be welcome come Channukah time.

For the Home in general, the options for Judaica wedding gifts are ample, ranging from exquisite Mezuzah cases to simple but elegant trivets to grace your table with iconic Judaic symbols, such as the Hamsa or pomegranate. While not necessarily “Judaica” a Jewish cookbook with classic and traditional recipes for the couple to try out is another great option. 

While there are plenty of options out there for Judaica wedding gifts, it’s important to remember that some things are given on a more personal level, so it is important to do your research. A ketubah, for instance, isn’t an appropriate Judaica wedding gift. It is far more personal, and something the bride and groom would purchase and decide on before the wedding. It’s more of an intimate Judaica wedding gift that the couple gives to their marriage to grace their home with. 

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