The neighborhood Jewish store is the center of all things Judaica/

The neighborhood Jewish store is the center of all things Judaica

Peacock ketubah

The neighborhood Jewish store is the center of all things Judaica. Whether you’re gearing up for a holiday or a major life event, the Jewish store is your top resource for getting the religious and cultural items covered.

While there’s something unique about the experience of making a trip out to the closest Jewish store in your neighborhood, the world of online Judaica has simply exploded. And that’s great news if you need to save time during the hustle before a major Jewish holiday, or in the bustle of preparations for your Jewish wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or any other life event.

Not only is the online Jewish store sometimes more convenient when you’re crunched for time, you also get more direct access to Judaica artists from all over the world, including Israel. That’s right – authentic, hand-crafted Jewish art and ritual items straight from talented Judaica artists, themselves.

Here are some Jewish store best buys that you should consider next time you’re on the lookout for some new Judaica for your home, or as a gift for someone else:

Jewish Jewelry

These are largely influenced by Israeli culture. Most neighborhood and online Jewish stores have a fair selection of Jewish jewelry for all style tastes and occasions – from engraved wedding bands, to hamsas and star of david, and even mini Mezuzah scrolls. Most popular choices are mixtures of mother of pearl with gold or silver. Another popular option is a pendant in the shape of the Land of Israel, or your Hebrew name. Most authentic Israeli styles come in raw finishes, with the metal somewhat flattened and dented to give an old-world feel.

Jewish Scripture and Ritual Documents

Whether it’s a scroll featuring the Book of Esther for Purim-time in the early spring, a luxury set of Haggadahs for the Pesach Seder, a Mezuzah scroll and case for your doorpost, or a Jewish wedding contract, Jewish scripture and ritual books and prayers are often one of the hottest buys in every Jewish store.

Why? Because every household needs them, and especially in the case of Mezuzah scrolls, you’ll need more than one. Just a note on the Mezuzah scrolls: take care to purchase Mezuzah scrolls that are shorter than the length of the case. So if you’ve recently received a Mezuzah case as a gift, or are planning on ordering a set, pay attention to the measurements to avoid the frustrating mistake of having a scroll that does not fit your case.

As we mentioned above, another highly popular item bought from Jewish stores is the Ketubah, or the Jewish wedding contract. As this is something so personal, and will signify the legal status of a couple’s marriage according to Jewish ritual law, it makes sense that this is generally selected by the bride and groom, themselves.

Ketubah artist, Danny Azoulay, has an online Jewish store featuring his stunning Ketubahs. Utilizing the laser papercut method, his works are layered with quality paper, 24 karat gold and silver-leafing, along with flawless touches of color in the many designs that he provides. Azoulay also creates Ketubahs with the option of several different standard Ketubah texts, or fully personalized wedding vows.

If you’re planning your Jewish wedding right now, make sure you go ahead and check out Danny Azoulay’s online Jewish store for his amazing Ketubahs to enhance your upcoming wedding!

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