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The Art of the Laser Cut Ketubah/

The Art of the Laser Cut Ketubah

laser cut ketubah

Embellished art ketubahs

Historically, the ketubah was a legal Jewish wedding contract that laid out the obligations of a man to his wife. It was also essentially, a prenuptial agreement that was protective of the bride鈥檚 financial situation should the marriage end in the death of her husband or in the event of divorce. The careful and elaborate care, given to the decorated ketubahs, elevated a mundane legal document to a document that clearly shows the Jewish view of marriage as being a sacred covenant between two individuals, sanctified by God. There is a rich tradition of illuminated Jewish wedding contracts. In fact, beautifully decorated ketubahs are one of the few examples we find in the history of Jewish painted art. Even centuries ago, paper cutting was used to beautify ketubahs. Some scholars suggest that the Jews adopted paper cutting as an art form because of its accessibility. 聽It required neither a great monetary investment for materials鈥攁 simple blade and paper was all that was needed; nor did it require the mastery attained in a guild membership, which Jews were forbidden from entering.

Laser cut ketubahs: An old art using laser technology

Now, with the advent in technology, hand-cut paper cut ketubahs have been overtaken in popularity by the laser cut ketubah. Today, laser cut ketubahs are far more widespread and even perhaps, more admired. There is a level of intricacy of detail and sophistication that laser cut ketubah offers that the hand cut ketubah is unable to achieve. The artist can now capture a more natural rhythm and flow of lines, motifs and circuitous contours in the laser cut ketubah than he/she was able to in the past. A laser cut ketubah may take many months in the design process till the artist satisfies his/her vision. But afterwards when the composition and color have been perfected, the artist may produce a duplicate or a limited series; therefore, making the laser cut ketubah a far more affordable piece than a hand cut paper cut. Many ketubah artists are incorporating laser cut ketubahs into their repertoire, today. One of the most recognized artists in his field, Danny Azoulay, creates extraordinary laser cut ketubahs His laser cut ketubahs fuse traditional and modern elements, imbuing them with a fresh and contemporary style, as well as, revitalizing a rich, historical Jewish art with new technology that affords countless exciting design possibilities.