Nowadays, many young couples are incorporating the ketubah, a document with old origins and a rich artistic history, into their weddings.

Ketubot are Jewish marriage contracts; basically, a prenuptial agreement, which traditionally served to protect a bride’s right to financial support, and outlined the responsibilities and obligations of the groom.

Ketubot, as legal documents, include the essential information pertaining to the wedding: the wedding date and location, names of the bride and groom, and enumerates the groom’s obligations to his bride, as well as, a monetary compensation in the case of abandonment, divorce or death. The Ketubot texts are written with specific provisions for each marriage. They are signed by two male witnesses according to the traditional practice.

Today, there are different types of Ketubot texts to choose from: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and interfaith- or even a more personalized, custom/write-your-own vows.

With the popularity of interfaith marriages and different kind of weddings, couples can find a variety of Ketubot that fit their lifestyle. Many of them include multiple languages, adding to the Ketubah’s personal touch and the couple’s cultural and aesthetic distinctions. At times, couples will choose to write their own text, which may include the vows they are making to one another or even a special text they particularly love.

Ketubot are made in a wide range of designs in keeping with the taste and style of the couples who wish to perpetuate this Jewish tradition; maintaining the writing and signing of Ketubot as an central part of their Jewish wedding ceremony.

Today, many artists offer all kinds of art Ketubot. Among them is Danny Azoulay, a well-known judaica artist who specializes in paper cut Ketubot. These paper cut Ketubot are the fruit of an creative and inspired sense of design that can fit the customer’s request and include a text chosen by the couple, according to their needs and preferences. The Ketubot artwork are beautifully crafted for future display as a centerpiece in the couple’s home. It will always bring back the dearest memories of a perfect day.

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