Ketubah Design: How to Choose?/

Ketubah Design: How to Choose?

Reform Ketubah Design

Ketubah Design is a Traditional Jewish Art

A Ketubah (literally meaning “it is written”) is a legal Jewish marriage contract.  Historically, the ketubah delineated the responsibilities of the groom towards his future wife and served as a legal guarantee that the groom would provide adequate financial support for his wife in the case of a divorce or death.  What is so very interesting about the ketubah, is that this legal document was decorated and ornamented with great artistic care and thought. Through the centuries, ketubah design has proven to be one of the most prevalent artistic expressions of Jewish art.

Ketubah Design Today

These days, the modern Ketubah is less of a prenuptial agreement and more of a proclamation of the new couple’s commitment to each other, to their love and to their union. Couples can choose from Orthodox, Conservative,

or Reform Ketubah texts, but also may make changes to contemporize and personalize the texts in the ketubah design.

Today–as was in the past–a great deal of attention is given to the artistic side of the ketubah design.

There is an abundance of choice in ketubah design offered by super-talented artists. There are modern and traditional: Eastern and Western-oriented themes; Some abstract and some illustrative: some evocative and others with traditional symbolic elements. In the past, architectural elements (signifying the building of a Jewish home) or biblical scenes were very often depicted.  Today the tree, rich in symbolism and meaning is a popular motif.

Choosing a ketubah design is a significant decision for most couples, as it is rarely just an aesthetic decision, but often a visual expression of the love they feel. After the ceremony, the newlyweds usually frame and proudly display their ketubahs in their home.

Which Ketubah Design fits You

Ketubahs come in a variety of shapes, colors and techniques: There are hand painted, printed and delicate papercut ketubahs. Danny Azoulay is a well-known artist who specializes in papercut ketubahs that are the fruit of an inspired and creative sense of design. He applies his particularly fresh vision to the traditional elements of ketubah design