Interfaith Ketubah Text/

Interfaith Ketubah Text


When planning an interfaith wedding ceremony, like any wedding, it can feel and become overwhelming. It’s important to remember that the wedding ceremony is about the bride and groom, and how their lives will be united and connected from that moment on. Contemplating which traditions to include and which ones to omit without hurting the feelings of devoted family members can also add a little extra stress. There are many customs, rituals and traditions observed in a Jewish wedding, and while it may be challenging trying to decide what to include and what to exclude, it can also be a wonderful opportunity to discover what is, and isn’t, important to you concerning religion and spirituality. The ketubah, and choosing to create an interfaith ketubah text is a great place to start.


What Exactly Does an Interfaith Ketubah Text Include?


The traditional ketubah was originally a legal contract, the text included provisions for the food, shelter and clothing of the wife as well as compensation for her should the marriage end in divorce. When researching for the interfaith ketubah text you’d like to use, you’ll find a variety of samples. Some interfaith ketubah texts keep some of the original ketubah text while other interfaith ketubah texts shift to the more personal including promises of love and commitment. Some interfaith ketubah texts incorporate features from both of the religions of the couple, while others focus more on the common spirituality of the couple.


Whatever the couple decides to include or exclude, or whether they decide to customize it completely, securing an excellent ketubah artist makes the job that much easier. Knowing you are using a true artist with the knowledge and experience to produce what you are looking for, takes a huge load off the process. Danny Azoulay is both knowledgeable and experienced in creating truly beautiful ketubahs that will allow the interfaith ketubah text you choose to shine. 


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