Ketubah Signing ceremony

All the preparations are complete and you are finally surrounded by your family and friends. Excitement surges throughout the wedding hall. You are asked to sit, and the gorgeous marriage contract is laid out before you – the Ketubah signing begins.

The Ketubah signing confirms the obligations of the husband to his wife. Traditionally, the Ketubah states that the bride was proposed to and had accepted without coercion. The Ketubah clearly specified the wife’s rights to: clothing, shelter and conjugal relations. It also protected the bride, financially, should death or divorce occur. As you can imagine, the Ketubah signing was, and still remains, essential to the Jewish wedding ceremony.

The Ketubah signing ceremony is a prominent part of the Jewish wedding. Though, the traditional Ketubah text is still going strong, modern and alternative texts, including mutual wedding vows representative of the couple’s vision of their marriage and faith, are available and popular.

Looking down at the wedding document spread before you during the Ketubah signing, you remember picking out the beautifully designed Ketubah with your beloved, not so long ago. One of you might’ve had a clear idea of what you wanted your Ketubah to look like, and which artist you wanted to buy it from; or maybe you checked out a few different websites that friends of yours recommended. The Rabbi/Officiant fills in the names of the bride and groom, the date and the location of the wedding (unless your Ketubah has been personalized with this information, before the Ketubah signing).

Finally, the Rabbi hands you the pen and shows you and the witnesses where to sign. Depending on what you decided beforehand, the groom might be signing alone, or the bride might also be taking part in the Ketubah signing, for a more a modern ceremony. You carefully sign your name and commit oneself to a lifetime of cherishing one another: The Ketubah signing is the testament to a nurturing love. The Ketubah signing is not only a legal and binding contract but commemorates this most sacred and joyful event.

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