The Ketubah, it’s a Pretty Old Wedding Document/

The Ketubah, it’s a Pretty Old Wedding Document

ketubah in English and Hebrew

Whatever language, whether in its original Aramaic or a ketubah in English, the main objective of the ketubah is to iron out the financial relationship between husband and wife for the life of the marriage. Broken down into three basic parts; the first being the amount of money the groom is obligated to pay (these days exemplified by the giving of a gold ring) to pay to the bride; the second detailing the bride’s dowry, and the third outlining the terms ensuring the rights of the wife throughout the marriage and if it should end in divorce.


This basic framework hasn’t changed much over its 2,500 year lifetime. A ketubah written on papyrus in Aramaic in 5BCE is hardly very different from those that have followed until now. Today, translating the ketubah in English, Hebrew or any other language is not uncommon. Despite its many translations, even the ketubah in English is based on this ancient legal document. 

So, Why Translate?

It makes sense though, the desire to have a ketubah in English, particularly if you’re an English speaker. Having a ketubah in English means you and your spouse understand the text that much more, making connecting to this ancient (legal) custom that much more meaningful. Understanding the ketubah text also means that the whole flow of the Jewish wedding ceremony is that much easier to follow. When you get to the point under the chuppah where the ketubah is read aloud, it’s that much more effortless to understand and remain engaged with the ketubah in English. Moreover, procuring a ketubah in English provides the couple with a bit of flexibility in the text. It allows them to be a little more creative, should that be their inclination. A ketubah in English entitles the couple to add a loving, meaningful and spiritual component to the text.

Whether you’re seeking a ketubah in English, Hebrew, or it’s original Aramaic Danny Azoulay provides you with a variety of text options, as well as beautiful artwork to surround it with. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for great options and stunning artistry to enhance your new life and home with.

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