The Jewish Ketubah: A Standard Contract/

The Jewish Ketubah: A Standard Contract


While it might be thought of as a standard or technical contract, the Jewish ketubah can be a beautiful way to commemorate and celebrate the new couple’s commitment in a highly personal way. Thanks to the large variety of text options and designs available today, there is the right Jewish Ketubah out there for every Jewish couple.

The Jewish Ketubah: A Beautified Tradition

Historically, Jewish art has been predominantly about making objects of ritual significance and beautifying them (hidur mitzvot). From masterly-crafted wine cups to mezuzahs on doorposts, to illuminated Passover haggadahs and—yes—to Jewish ketubahs. Artists painted religiously-inspired symbols and motifs, as well as, biblical scenes and verses to create complex and breathtaking masterpieces.

A quick Google search will show you ornately-detailed Jewish ketubahs from Middle Eastern and European communities that went way beyond their function as a legal religious marriage contract. Although, rooted in Jewish law and belief, these Jewish ketubahs also reflected the artistic sensibilities of the family. The Jewish Ketubah, then and now, is a product of Jewish legal requirements, traditions and an aesthetic that is, often, determinant of its time and the artistic sensibilities that are/were prevalent in the region in which it was produced.  Yes, just like modern day couples, the couples back then wanted to be able to connect emotionally with the very document that gives the legal basis for their new life together.

Finding the Right Jewish Ketubah for You

As two people preparing for your wedding day, a lot of your time will be spent in planning a wedding that accommodates your families and other important people in your lives. The wonderful thing about choosing your Jewish Ketubah is that you can take a break from all that and focus on what you, as a couple, want to hold on to for the rest of your marriage.

When it comes to the Ketubah texts, you can choose from the traditional Aramaic to more modern Hebrew or any other language you understand best. There are even options to feature a combination of the original text along with a translation. If the wording of the traditional text is not for you, there are many different texts to choose from as well.

And, there are many different Jewish ketubah design styles available. From a biblical verse or a meaningful phrase you’d like to feature, to the materials and colors used– you and your loved one can find a ketubah that truly reflects your relationship and your aesthetic taste.

Danny Azoulay is an artist who creates breathtaking Jewish ketubahs. He offers text and style options that speak to a wide variety of modern Jewish couples, seamlessly displayed in flawless designs. Using the paper cut method, and incorporating gold and silver leaf with highly saturated touches of color, you can find a Jewish ketubah that celebrates your style and your new life together.

Mazal tov!


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