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Coral Ketubah/

Coral Ketubah

This ketubah is simply captivating!  Immediately, one is drawn to the beauty of its detail, motif and pattern. The layers of papercuts create a depth and dimension that evokes in us a bit of a sense of awe:  like the emotional response experienced in those moments when we connect with nature in all its wonder. 

Looking at this ketubah, one envisions an underwater world replete with hidden treasures: filled– not only with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere– but brimming with organic life, in all its vitality and energy.

The Coral Ketubah captures the beauty and complexity of the natural world and makes a lovely visual metaphor for the dynamic and enduring relationship between two loving partners.

Dimensions: 17"H X 17"W
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24 July 2024? contact us before ordering.
Giclee: 3 layer paper cut: 24 karat gold leaf. A limited edition: signed and numbered by the artist
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Giclee: 3 layer paper cut: 24 karat gold leaf.

A limited edition: signed and numbered by the artist


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Many of our couples want their ketubahs personalized: meaning—their names, location and the wedding date seamlessly filled into the ketubah text. Please note that space is left for the witness’s signatures, and their names are filled in at the ceremony and not during the personalization process (Witnesses may change at the last moment). Complete the personalization form that we send you after receiving your order (we recommend completing the form with your rabbi/officiant). If you prefer having the rabbi or officiant fill in the ketubah by hand at the ceremony, you will receive your ketubah with appropriate blank spaces left where the information will be filled in. When ordering, check with us, if your wedding date is within 6-7 weeks.
After we’ve received your completed personalization form, we will send you a proof of the ketubah text (as it will appear on the ketubah). Please review the proof carefully and send it to your rabbi for their approval. If everything is fine, send us a confirmation and we will begin processing your ketubah. If there are any corrections or requests for changes, we will prepare and send a new proof, repeating the review and approval process till you are 100% satisfied. We only begin working on the ketubah after we receive your written confirmation that all is good to go. All corrections made after receiving a final confirmation will be subject to an additional production fee.
Usually, within 4-6 weeks of finalizing your order, your ketubah will be ready for shipping. That date may be delayed somewhat, if the personalization/ approval process is prolonged. For our part, we do everything in our powers to expedite the work process, but please take into account, that we have a peak wedding season when we are busier (March to November) and that we are closed on the Jewish holidays. If your wedding date is earlier than 6 weeks from ordering, then contact us by email or telephone. We will try to accommodate you, if it is possible.

Remember, once the date and location of your wedding is fixed, it is never to early to order your ketubah!

We ship directly from our studio. The ketubah is mailed in a strong protective tube by the Express mail of the Postal Service. We will send you an email with your invoice and the tracking number information on the day it is posted. Please take into consideration that a signature may be required by the recipient. Shipping to North America usually takes a week or less, however, we prefer to leave at least two weeks for delivery. On rush orders, we ship by FedEx ($100 additional). The ketubah is sent as a “religious wedding document” and is, typically, duty-free. Though it is very unlikely to be the case, we cannot assume responsibility for any custom fees.
All ketubah sales are final, but we are committed to you being 100% satisfied. If you need to cancel your ketubah order, for any reason, before we start processing it, we will return your payment in full minus 10%. Should you have any problem or are dissatisfied with your ketubah, we will try to solve the problem in every way we can. We want you to love your ketubah now and for many years to come. Danny has a wonderful track record of happy customers.
The significance of a Ketubah means a lot to us. Not only is it a tradition passed down through generations, but it’s a physical and creative manifestation of our marriage. It was something we knew we would like to hang up in our future home with pride, so we contacted Danny Azoulay from Israel to create our ketubah. We love the combination of modern and traditional techniques he uses to make such a beautiful work of art.“
Jackie and Jon