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Author: Danny Azoulay

Pomegranate paper cut ketubah

Italian Jewish Wedding

Jewish Italian culture is both rich in tradition and persistent in its presence in Italy, dating back more than 2,000 years to the pre-Christian Roman period.

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Ketubah a Judaica art

Judaic Art

Judaic art, since it’s beginnings, has been guided by two principles, despite their being contradictory. The first being hiddur mitzvah (the brightening or enhancement of

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Jewish traditions wedding ceremony

A Jewish Wedding

A Jewish wedding, whether sticking to a strictly Orthodox observance or a loose adherence to some notable traditions, has a particular order.

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Interfaith Ketubah Text

When planning an interfaith wedding ceremony, like any wedding, it can feel and become overwhelming. It’s important to remember that the wedding ceremony is about

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wedding ketubah

Wedding Ketubah

wedding ketubah can be a masterful work of art that can be proudly displayed anywhere in the home to remind a couple of their wedding day.

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